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Before you go, would you like a walking meditation to help you transition calmly between activities?

Walking meditation.png

Switching between activities and emotional states can take a lot longer when you are neurodivergent.

Have you ever been upset or angry about something that stays with you all day? Maybe it affects your sleep. Maybe you wake up the next day and you're still thinking about it.


When you feel this way it's really hard to focus on anything else. You are having a hard time switching your attention away from this incident and onto whatever you actually want to be doing.

Do you struggle to switch off from work mode and focus on your personal life? Maybe your family has noticed that you're still thinking about work when you are supposed to be spending time with them.

The good news is that you can get better at switching your attention and your emotional state.

Fall Leaves

This walking meditation will guide you to connect with your senses. When you do this, you are more present in the current moment which means you are worrying less about what you said last week and what your boss is going to say tomorrow. You will feel safer and calmer.

As you practice this type of mediation, you increase your ability to switch your focus, transition between activities, self-regulate, and experience joy in the present moment.

Narrow Street

Try listening to the meditation at the end of work each day, as you walk around the block or to your transport. By giving yourself 5 minutes to transition from work to personal time you will find you are able to be more present at home. You will not think about work as much during your personal time. The more you practice by listening to this meditation, the better at this you will become.

Walking meditations are particularly suitable for those of us with ADHD who can stuggle to sit still during traditional meditation.


I will guide you throughout this meditation so that you are never left wondering what you should be doing.

This meditation lasts under 5 mins, so it fits into even the busiest day. You can listen to it over and over again. As you do so, you will become more skilled at regulating your attention and your mood.