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Empowering neurodivergent adults to have more success at work with less stress.

I help adults with ADHD, Autism/ASD, Dyslexia, and other neurodivergent conditions to uncover their strengths and thrive at work.

My programs are a blend of topic-based teaching and open-ended coaching for you to explore the issues and opportunities which are most important to you.

This unique approach means that you feel a sense of progress as you learn new skills and strategies each session, building up a valuable toolbox that you can then apply throughout your life. At the end of each session, I will send you a workbook that will contain notes or exercises to help you apply the content.

My topic-based approach ensures there is always something to talk about. I know how uncomfortable it can be when you go to an appointment and are asked 'what do you want to talk about today'. Too often your mind immediately goes blank.

Once we're talking, my experience tells me that you will remember the topics you need to talk about. I can then follow your direction.

Yellow Rain Boots


I am an ADHDer and dyslexic, which means that as well as formal training on neurodivergent conditions I have a lifetime's worth of experience to draw on. I am familiar with many of your struggles because I have faced them myself.

For over ten years I've worked in roles from tech to teaching. My gift is understanding people, what they want, what they are truly capable of, and where they are holding themselves back.


My passion is working with people to help them grow and realize their ambitions. 

My coaching helps you progress at work while having more energy to enjoy yourself.


It's an investment in your future self.

You might be tired of constantly working so hard to compensate for your differences. You are ready to

  • stop worrying about losing your job

  • have the energy to enjoy your family and interests when work is over

  • see your ideas become reality so they can have an impact on the world

  • confidently take on larger projects to progress at work

  • strengthen your relationships

  • educate neurotypical people in your lives to better help you

  • enjoy making full use of your unique gifts instead of trying to blend in and act 'normal'

  • let go of the need to be like everybody else and enjoying being the wonderful person you were made to be.

To discover more about how I can help you, schedule a free initial call.


As a coach I will

  1. create a safe relationship where you can share your real fears and struggles. It's by sharing those that you get the persepctive you need to address them.

  2. show you the best version of yourself. You are more awesome than you believe, I will show you your strengths so you can claim them. There are things that you are taking for granted, because they are easy for you. You need to know, they are not easy. They are valuable. I will help you claim that value.

  3. hold you accountable for practising, because I know that you learn by doing, not by being taught.


How I Can

Help You

I will help you uncover what you are great at, even if you are not used to thinking positively of yourself. Once you know what your talents are I will help you make use of them in your everyday life so that you can say goodbye to trying to act 'normal' or overcompensating for your differences and enjoy success as yourself.

Successful neuro-atypical people find coping mechanisms for living in a neurotypical world. You might still be using coping strategies that you developed at school. However, while these strategies helped you achieve success at school they come with a cost. Put simply, they are exhausting.

Now that you have left school you have much more control over your life and many more options.

We will uncover what activities are draining your energy and what makes you feel happy. By making small changes to your life you will start using your strengths instead of your old strategies and the result will be much more energy to do what you love.

Does this sound good? Book a free 30 min call so we can see if we are a good fit to work together.


Dave, Software

The techniques taught are very helpful and will make a positive impact on your daily life

Rhys, Coach

Anna is an affirming and gently challenging coach whose sessions motivated me to take stock during this pandemic, both of my closest relationships, and my future work plans

...Thank you so much Anna

Chris, Software

you are great at taking these common topics and broaching them on a personal level, when we discussed a topic it always felt relevant to me

...You also create a safe environment where it's ok to ask anything



Anna was an amazing coach, gently pushing me to take ownership and be accountable. She is warm and friendly, and very forgiving for the odd ramble :)

I was starting a new job ... I sailed through my probation, and she was there throughout. She gave me a chance to talk through situations and see where that aligned with my ADHD, and ways I could use it to my advantage, as well as giving me useful coping tools to engage with everyday situations in the future.


Highly recommend!


Anna has been a tremendously positive influence. Through our conversations, Anna has helped me appreciate my value both in the workplace and as a human being, enabling me to be more at ease with my situation and to strike a healthier work-life balance... I trust Anna to listen to me, engage with me and create a safe environment where I feel comfortable. I highly recommend reaching out to Anna to discuss whatever is on your mind.


You have been so helpful, good at listening and good at explaining what the problems were and how to resolve them.


I’m feeling sharper, more capable and confident than I have for a while.

Are you living in fear of criticism? Rejection sensitivity is a powerful and very real aspect of ADHD.

Unfortunately, rejection sensitivity often leads to perfectionism and makes growth difficult. 

I'm experienced at working with clients to overcome rejection sensitivity, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome.

Start by signing up for my free workbook 'staying calm amid criticism'.

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