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ADHD program
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Three ways to learn

We meet for an hour every other week, after a free initial call to ensure I am a good fit for your needs.

I have three programs

  1. Leadership coaching

  2. ADHD coaching (via trusted partners)

  3. ADHD Guide to Success in Tech group program

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​For ambitious ADHD and Autistic leaders who need to know why they are not yet perceived as 'natural leaders' and how to change that. My leadership coaching combines a strength based approach, scientific and personal understanding of neurodiversity, and clear teaching style. We will transform your understanding of your brain and how it works best so that you can take control of your environment and thrive.

Leadership coaching is a longer program, as I know from experience that being a brilliant leader requires plenty of tailored support. The program starts with gaining clarity on yourself and what matters to you. This is an essential foundation for authentic leadership.

Next we address common areas of struggle for Neurodivergent leaders - self-compassion, boundaries, and perfectionsim. Because creating a healthy culture in your organisation starts with the behaviours you model.

We then discuss leaderships styles, giving you important vocabulary to reflect and learn on your leadership journey, so that you continue to develop as a leader. We dig into different aspects of communication, so that you can effectively inspire others with your vision. This is the heart of leadership.

Finally we explore how to build trust and safety within your team so that you are free to work on new ideas, knowing your team will continue to deliver the way that you need them to.

Plus 4 bespoke topics because I understand your needs as a leader are not the same as anyone else's.  Your 4 bespoke topics can be worked into the program at any point, I'll create resources on topics of your choice as your unique needs emerge.

For more details, including payment options, please visit my sales page.

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I no longer have capacity to coach ADHD Guide to Success to individuals so I'm working with trained and trusted coaches who will coach you through my updated individual coaching program.

ADHD coaching covers topics that I know come up time and time again. The program starts with gaining clarity on yourself and what matters to you. You learn how to get things done when you have ADHD, without using fear and shame as motivators.

Then you learn to value and protect your time and energy, using it for the things that matter most to you. Finally we dive into communication, learning to give and receive feedback skillfully, prepare for and hold hard conversations, and advocate for yourself.

To book a free initial consultation with your potential coach, please book directly with Michael. 


One to One coaching

  • Twelve hours of 1-to-1 coaching (fortnightly)

  • access to my curated content vault of 12 modules including videos and workbooks

  • ADHD focused

  • 12 workbooks

£1695 paid upfront or

£300/month x 6 months


Leadership Coaching

  • 18 hours 1-to-1 coaching (fortnightly)

  • access to my curated content vault of 14 modules including videos, workbooks and bonuses

  • 4 bespoke topics with videos and workbooks

  • personalized affirmations

  • guided meditations

  • grow as a leader

  • and more

£4000 paid upfront or

£450/month x 9 months

about adhd coaching

My ADHD coaching program is supported by video lessons and workbooks which you can access at any time and refer back to in the future. This helps you put what we discuss into practice.

A structured approach ensures that we always have a place to start a productive conversation, reducing the pressure on you at the start of each session. In my experience, once I start a conversation, you will naturally jump in and take the conversation in interesting new directions. Sessions are long enough to allow plenty of time for you to do this!

To learn more about my approach to coaching - book a call with me.

Read more about ADHD coaching on my blog.

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