ADHD program


My ADHD program is supported by video lessons and workbooks which you can access at any time and refer back to in future situations.

The standard topics are

  • Goals, so that you can focus on what's important, and stop feeling guilty about everything else.

  • Routines, so that you can spend less time making everyday decisions.

  • Values, so that you can cut through what other people think you should be doing and find out what you really feel good about doing.

  • Time Management, so that you can regain control of your time and make time for the things that matter.

  • Self Compassion, so that you can understand you deserve kindness and respect and learn how to treat yourself as you deserve.

  • Motivation, so that you are able to start identifying the work that lights you up and get started on the other stuff.

  • Finishing, so that your work can have an impact on the world.

  • Boundaries, so that you can take control of your time, energy, and life by doing the things you want to do, not what other people want you to do.

  • Rumination, so that you can unstick your thoughts and gently move on from harmful thought patterns.

  • Feedback, so that you don't need to fear feedback, whether negative or positive.

  • Hard Conversations, so that you can talk about the things that matter to you, without fear.

  • Self Advocacy and Next Steps, so that you can extend the support you're giving yourself by asking others for what you need.

self study plus accountability.png

Self Study plus

  • Three hours of 1-to-1 coaching 

  • access to 12 modules of video training

  • standard topics

  • 12 workbooks

One-to-one Coaching program.png

One to One coaching

  • Twelve hours of 1-to-1 coaching

  • access to 12 modules of video training

  • standard topics

  • 12 workbooks

Bespoke 1-1 coaching.png

Bespoke Coaching

  • 24 hours 1-to-1 coaching

  • access to all videos+workbooks

  • personalized topics 

  • personalized affirmations

  • guided meditations

  • shared trello board or google doc for accountability

  • unlimited voxer support and more

Clients complete a 12 session program over 6 months, after a free initial call to ensure I am a good fit for your needs.


There are three ways to take the program

  1. self-study plus accountability

  2. one-to-one coaching (the most popular option)

  3. bespoke one-to-one coaching

For more details, including payment options, please visit my sales page.

If you are not sure which option to choose, book a free consultation and we can discuss your options.