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Neurodivergent guide to success

Do you want to progress at work while feeling more energetic? Then  Neurodivergent Guide to Success is for you.

Everything your neurodivergent brain needs to stop spinning your wheels and start being successful.

Whether you have ADHD, ASD/autism, or Dyslexia you grew up in a world where you were told you should act like everyone else to fit in. Only you're not like everyone else, you are your own unique self and that is ok.

Learn to work with your brain not against it.

In The Neurodivergent Guide to Success, over 8 lessons, I show you how to work with your brain and not against it. This course contains the topics which my clients most often request and it's now available to everyone as a self-paced course.

Each lesson contains video lectures and workbooks to work through at your own pace. 


  • Goals for neurodivergent people

  • Boundaries

  • Motivation

  • Finishing projects

  • Routines

  • Feedback

  • Hard conversations

  • Self advocacy and next steps

What do people say about my teaching?

... giving me useful coping tools to engage with everyday situations in the future ...

... helped me appreciate my value both in the workplace and as a human being...

... Anna is an affirming and gently challenging coach ...


grow your self compassion

Learn to see yourself as someone who deserves kindness. 
Learn to treat yourself with increasing self-compassion.

This self compassion mini-course is for you if you

  • often felt like the outsider growing up

  • were taught that your needs don't matter

  • spend more time and energy worrying about other peoples needs than meeting your own

  • are curious about neurodivergence and relate to others with ADHD, ASD/autism, dyslexia, or dyspraxia

  • are self or professionally diagnosed with one or more of ADHD, ASD/autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, or dyspraxia

  • are ready  to learn how to be kinder to yourself

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