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Discover The 3 Simple Building Blocks To Enjoy More Supportive Accountability Relationships
so that you can Achieve Your Goals ... Starting Today!

(Even if you’re fed up with failing in accountability partnerships or unable to keep a regular meeting time.)

Whether your goal is daily yoga practice or a big promotion, a good accountability partnership can help you get there.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Building Blocks for Great Accountability Partnerships is a FREE online training for ADHDers who want to progress their goals without the guilt and judgment of a traditional accountability relationship.

As a coach, this is second nature to me and now I want to teach you those same skills, FREE.

Don't take my word for it. This is what my clients say about me


"compassionate, patient, move at a pace that works for the individual, non-judgmental,"

"Validating, affirming, rewarding."


"supportive and kind"


"so helpful, good at listening"


"kind, a great listener, and also just firm enough to keep you on track"

How would it feel to have people say that about you? Or to connect with another ADHDer who also needs accountability and to support each other with the skills I'm going to show you?

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