Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus update

All sessions are now taking place remotely via video chat. I continue to take on new clients.

Can you provide corporate training packages?

Yes, I can provide corporate training programs. Please email me to set up a time when we can discuss your needs.

Are you available to speak at my event?

Please email me to find out.

Do you work with remote clients?

Yes, I do. I can work with remote clients via Zoom or Teams video call. It's really important to me that I can see your facial expressions and body language so that I can truly listen to you, so please make sure that your face is well lit.

I can't find a suitable slot to book a call, what should I do?

Please email me as my schedule has a certain amount of flexibility and I will do my best to fit you in even if the online scheduler doesn't show any suitable availability.

Where are you based?

My home office is in Chesterton, Cambridge, UK.

How do I know you can help me?

Read my testimonials and see how I have helped other people like you. Or better still, book a free initial call so you can get to know me for yourself. 

How much do you charge?

I charge £105 per session and most of my clients choose 10-12 sessions. I offer a number of packages, including ten sessions on coping with ADHD or becoming a leader. Please email me or book a call to discuss your needs further.

I need a quote urgently for access to work, what should I tell them?

Please email me with as much detail as you can about what you want from coaching and how often you want to be coached. I will reply within a couple of days with a quote. Alternatively, you can quote my above prices and a recommendation of ten weekly sessions for ADHD coaching or 12 for combined ADHD/ASD coaching.

What if I think I have ADHD/dyslexia/ASD but I don't have a diagnosis?

This is fine, I will work with you on practical strategies to transform your view of yourself and reduce your struggles while capitalizing on your strengths just as I would if you were diagnosed. I can signpost you towards diagnosis if this is something you want, it's important to note that I cannot diagnose you myself.

What if I can't afford to pay your fees?

I have a group program that costs less than private sessions. If you would like to joing this, please Sign up to the waiting list and I will notify you when the program next opens.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have insurance with Hiscox.

Do you have more questions?

Email me and I'll do my best to help you.