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April 14th at 10 AM BST

"you really do know how to effectively tailor your advice for ADHDers"

-previous attendee

"Goodness me but @annagranta is good isn't she? Just been to her burnout training and she's so insightful. Thanks Anna!"

-previous attendee

The Ultimate Guide to Recognizing Burnout is a FREE online training for people who

  • are tired of being tired

  • know they need to recognize burnout in order to avoid it

  • wonder if it's possible to rest when your brain is always spinning

  • know that they need more than a bubble bath

Bottom line: Recognizing burnout allows you to do something about it. Learn to spot the early warning signs so that you can increase your self-care and avoid serious burnout.

Stressed Man

In "Recognizing Burnout" you will discover how to recognise burnout and begin your recovery.

Exclusive training with Anna Granta:

✅ Revealed: Why conquering your ToDo list will NEVER protect you from burnout – and what you need to
do instead!
✅ How to quickly recognize and avoid burnout!
✅ Why it’s NOT your fault if have been in denial about burnout – and what you can do starting today to recognize it!
✅ You’ll discover my secret self assessment tool – this is the truly easy way way to notice when burnout is approaching!

In 'Recognising Burnout', you will learn
- what burnout is
- what burnout looks like
- how ADHD contributes to burnout

April 14th at 10 AM BST

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Ready to go deeper?

Burnout Recovery Crew is for ADHDers who

  • Are feeling exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed

  • Don't know how to rest and relax

  • Need to recognize the early signs of burnout to act before it gets worse

  • Are susceptible to burnout

  • Forget about self-care

  • Want to practice self-care regularly

  • Want to experience joy again

  • Want to feel motivated, inspired, and creative

Can't wait? Purchase the recording now for instant access. Watch whenever you want.
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