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3 challenges ADHDers face at work

and how to overcome them

Have you ever felt (or worse, been told) that you are 'not meeting your potential' at work?


Maybe you've tried working longer hours to close the mysterious gap between your potential and your performance?

❌Working longer hours doesn't work for ADHDers (at least not in the long run)


Maybe you've tried asking your supervisor for feedback?

❌Neurotypical bosses give neurotypical feedback which won't work for you.


Maybe you found a new job?

❌If you start a new job, without learning how to be successful as an ADHDer, you just repeat the same patterns.


Or (worst of all) took an expensive neurotypical management/training course?

❌Only to get frustrated that the content is superficial and they never explain what they want from the coursework.

Light Bulb Poster

The good news is, it's perfectly possible to shine as an ADHDer at work.


You have powerful strengths 

🎉 curiosity 

🎉 problem-solving skills

🎉 big picture understanding

🎉 the ability to talk to anyone, from the CEO to the cleaners


I will show you how to impress your boss!


In this masterclass, I will explain three ways that ADHDers hold themselves back at work. I will explain why these patterns occur and tell you what to do instead so that you can be more successful at work, without 'trying harder'.

Live on
Sep 15, 2022 7PM BST

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Presented by anna granta,
coach & CEO at granta coaching.

I coach successful professionals with ADHD to become more effective leaders without sacrificing their free time or mental wellbeing.

I offer training to organisations, so that they can better support their neurodivergent employees.

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