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Does ADHD Coaching Work? What difference does it make?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I know that whether you have been diagnosed with ADHD last week or 20 years ago there are two big questions you have about ADHD coaching.

  1. What is ADHD coaching? I wrote about this in a previous post.

  2. Does ADHD coaching work and what difference could it make to me? This is what I'm exploring today.

In order to show you the difference that ADHD coaching makes I asked some of my past clients to share their experiences. Lets see what they have to say.

When you came to work with me what did you want to be different in your life?

Dave I wanted to move away from unhealthy coping strategies and learn better methods for dealing with ADHD to reduce my stress and anxiety.

K A To understand how ADHD / Autism impacts my personal and professional life.

Aron To learn how to manage my ADHD and to become more productive and efficient in my busy lifestyle

A P Understanding of myself, coping/managing that better

What was stopping your from getting there?

Dave Hard to move away from strategies that “worked”, even if the personal cost was high.

K A I wanted this knowledge in a rapidly accelerated and condensed form.

Aron Lack of knowledge and understanding of the condition and how to manage it

A P Lack of knowledge, not knowing where to start, not having access to this information

Did you have any resistance or hesitation about working with me? What was that?

K A No, I researched you thoroughly before reaching out and was happy after the initial consultation.

Dave No

Aron Not you personally but when I initially saw symptoms I tried to just power through without help. I later realised that I was being held back too much and required help.

A P No, I was keen/reassured by your website. Reassuring, clear, helped me to know what to expect

What changes occurred as we worked together?

Dave I was able to identify and remember positive things and reframe negative things

K A - I have walked away with a significant increase in my understanding of adhd/autism and its impact on my professional life. - This is extremely important as it saved me time researching and figuring out what was important - Anna's tools are also straight to the point, quick, and actionable, while providing a lot of personal insight - I believe the goal with the tools is that after frequent use, they can become fairly reflex actions, thereby improving quality of life - The biggest is understanding how my adhd and autism presents in me. Having the ability to understand that, developing the tools to self-communicate. Using this information derived from self to recreate or redesign my personal/professional environment is key

Aron I gained a lot of knowledge about my condition and began to implement changes that have led to productivity benefits and understanding my body and mind better

A P I was able to do something with my distress and confusion. I was able to identify and start building the confidence to meet my needs. I was able to understand how ND impacts on me and how I can work with it.

How do you feel now?

Dave I’m much more in control of my planning and work (usually!) and generally happier and less stressed

K A Great, I do think we have a bit more work to do. Anna's background is particularly relevant with respect to the coaching she provides me and I think that will be important as time goes on.

Aron Really good, my brain felt a bit of haze for a year or two and I couldn’t see what was causing it. However, now I’m feeling sharper, more capable and confident than I have for a while.

A P Hopeful

What would you say to anyone thinking of working with me?

Dave Do it. The techniques taught are very helpful and will make a positive impact on your daily life

K A If coming from the perspective of an adhd/autism, Anna is a great coach. I highly recommend working with Anna to gain a deep understanding your adhd and/or autism as well as quick wins and a longer-term strategy for personal and professional comfort.

Aron To go for it! You have been so helpful, good at listening and good at explaining what the problems were and how to resolve them.

A P That you're compassionate, patient, move at a pace that works for the individual, non-judgemental, I never felt silly about asking things to be repeated or explained differently.

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