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ADHD Guide to success

a group coaching program, teaching you to Be successful at work while having energy left for your relationships and interests.

16 Sept 2021, 19:30 BST
Group ADHD coaching

The ADHD Guide to Success is a group coaching program designed for professional ADHDers who are ready to go from surviving at work to thriving. In this series of 6 group coaching calls, I show you how to work with your brain and not against it

Group size is limited so that you get plenty of hands-on support and maximum benefit.​

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How does ADHD show up at work?

It's not always easy being an ADHDer, especially at work. You have some powerful strengths like the ability to talk to anyone, problem solving skills or big picture understanding yet you may not be making the progress at work that you want and deserve.

I want to change that so you can use your unique talents effectively and have enormous impact.

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Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Getting started, especially on boring tasks.

  • Helping others to the point where your own work suffers.

  • Getting overwhelmed by urgent tasks and not making progress on long term strategic projects.

  • Failing to keep up with admin tasks.

  • Overcomplicating routine tasks.

  • Understanding the implicit 'rules of the game'.

  • Keeping emotions in check.

  • Managing interuptions.

If so, you are not alone. I have ADHD myself and I know that neurotypical advice to 'try harder' or 'be more consistent' isn't going to cut it.


You need support that is tailored to your ADHD brain.

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What if I told you that it's possible to... 

  • Protect your time from interuptions so that you can focus on high impact work.

  • Cut most of the items off your ToDo list and achieve more over the next 3 months.

  • Change how you think about tasks, so that you feel enthusiastic about starting.

  • Become someone your boss trusts to get stuff done and offers exciting projects to.

Your coach


Hello! I'm Anna Granta

As an ADHD coach, my role is to create a supportive environment where you feel confident sharing your experiences and empowered to find solutions.


I understand that you are the expert on your experience and an excellent problem solver.


With that in mind, I explain a range of ADHD friendly strategies and you choose which ones to act on.


I am an ADHDer, this means that as well as formal training on ADHD I have a lifetime's worth of experience to draw on.


I am familiar with many of your struggles because I have faced them myself.


 understand how you think and experience the world, not just because I've read about it, but because that is how I experience the world too. 

Course contents


Goal setting so that you can cut out distractions and focus on what is important to you.


Routines so that you can create healthy habits and a more efficient day, where you get more done while making fewer decisions.


Time management so that you can get your important work done without getting stressed.


Motivation so that you can understand what work motivates you and get started more easily.


Finishing projects so that you can see your work having an impact on the world without being scared of the feedback that inevitably comes with this.


Boundaries so that you can stop people-pleasing and get on with your work. So you can stop working when it's time and so you can protect your time and energy from unreasonable requests.

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Course format

  • We meet each week for six weeks, at the same time each week.

  • Each session lasts an hour, except the first session which may run up to an hour and a half, to ensure you have a chance to get to know everyone.

  • Goup sizes are limited to ensure that everyone has plenty of time to speak and that each person's biggest challenges can be addressed. 

  • You will receive a workbook to accompany each session. This summerizes the learning, for you to refer back to, and has space for you to record the actions you will take. 

  • I teach you a skill to manage your ADHD in each session.

  • You will also have time to share your experiences, reflections or challenges during each session.

  • You will have the opportunity to offer ideas to other group members about their challenges.

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KA, Startups

Anna's tools are also straight to the point, quick, and actionable, while providing a lot of personal insight

Anna is a great coach. I highly recommend working with Anna to gain a deep understanding your adhd and/or autism as well as quick wins and a longer-term strategy for personal and professional comfort.

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Dave, Software

I’m much more in control of my planning and work (usually!) and generally happier and less stressed

Do it. The techniques taught are very helpful and will make a positive impact on your daily life


Aron, Finance

I gained a lot of knowledge about my condition and began to implement changes that have led to productivity benefits and understanding my body and mind better.

... my brain felt a bit of haze for a year or two and I couldn’t see what was causing it. However, now I’m feeling sharper, more capable and confident than I have for a while.


When you have ADHD it's easy to lose sight of your strengths, things like

  • the ablity to talk to people at all levels

  • quickly understand the big picture

  • problem-solving

  • creativity

  • building strong relationships

  • connecting the dots in unexpected ways

  • story telling

  • passion for social justice

  • determination

As a coach, I highlight your strengths, remind you that you are talented and show you how to get maximum benefit from your abilities. This is working smarter, not harder.

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Is there homework on this course?

The way to get results, is to put what we talk about into action. During the sessions we will discuss what actions you plan to take over the next week, in order to apply what we discuss. So, while there is no formal homework, and certainly no grades, you should expect to take action. This will usually involve doing an existing task differently, rather than doing extra work and spending extra time. In fact, sometimes the homework will save you time!

What happens if I miss a week?

I encourage you to show up to each session because that way you will get the most support from the group and see the best results. If you have to miss a session then please let me know as soon as possible. I will send you the workbook as normal and, if the group agree, a recording of the session you missed. 

I'm currently going through a major crisis, is this a good time to take the course?

Probably not. Coaching takes work to apply what you learn and make changes in your life. If you are going through a major crisis, the chances are that you will not be able to do this. Take some time to recover and you'll be welcome to join a future course.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes! Sign up now and receive a free course on self-compassion for ADHDers so that you can start learning straight away.

Can I learn this material from books or online?

Probably. However, it has taken me two years of learning to put together this course. It's not easy to do this extra studying with ADHD while facing the demands of daily life.


The easier, faster, more fun option is choosing this group course. You will get the benefit of my experience, condensed into an easy-to-understand format. You will get group accountability and the satisfaction of growing alongside other ADHDers.

I have other questions, how do I contact you?

Please email me at I'm happy to answer your questions.

we start on 16th september.
Spaces limited.
Sign up soon.
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