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Unsticking Difficult Feelings

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Perhaps you have difficult feelings about certain events that have happened to you.

Normal memories are available to us if we choose to recall them, and we can go weeks or months without bringing them to mind.

Sometimes events have such an emotional impact that the memories get stuck. They follow us around, draining our energy and mental resources. These memories might rise unwanted into our minds as we try to sleep at night, or as we go about our days. They can cast a shadow over actives we used to enjoy, causing us to avoid places that might bring those memories into our minds.

I've experienced this myself, and I know that how tiring it is to be constantly fighting with your own brain. Feeling the intense emotions of a memory as if it was happening now, while you just desperately want to sleep/talk to your boss/be present with your kids/go walking/experience peace/not have a panic attack/...

The good news is that it's possible (and surprisingly easy) to unstick those feelings. Once they are safely back where they belong, you don't forget them, you simply unstick the emotional glue, so you feel differently about the memory.

I was fortunate to meet someone who could help me unstick my feelings, when I needed it most. Now I want to share the process that helped me, so you can experience this too.

This process has been life changing for me and for clients I've led through it. However there are not enough hours in the day for me to lead every individual who needs this.

So I put my thinking hat on...

And I came up with a genius idea.

What if you could benefit from my experience, without me leading you myself.

Would it be possible to record enough guidance to support you as you take yourself through this process?

After a lot of work and experimentation, I've developed a process that does just that. It's actually amazing that this works. Conventional wisdom says it shouldn't. However my experience, tech knowledge, and Neurodivergent determination made it happen.

With the self-administered 3-step rewind, I guide you through a simplified version of the same process that I and my clients have used so successfully.

1) Identify an emotionally charged memory that you wish to work with.

2) You will listen to a recording of my voice that takes you to a relaxing space where you can unstick the emotional intensity from your memories. You can listen in an environment that feels safe for you, at a time that suits you. You can stop at any time. Without the pressure of an audience, you have the freedom to react and respond in the ways that feel most right for you. It is fine to cry, to rock, to respond in the way that your body needs. You have complete privacy.

3) Notice how you feel differently after listening to the recording, and how you feel less emotional attachment to your memory as time passes.

I am passionate about this work, and about getting it into the hands of the people who need it most. For this reason, I am offering the process completely free of charge. I do not want cost to be a barrier to anyone. Sign up here

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