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ADHD Guide to Success, group coaching. Your questions answered.

I have had some excellent questions about the ADHD Guide to Success group coaching program since I launched. I know that for every person who is brave enough to ask a question there are others who want to know the answer but don't want to ask! With that in mind, I'm writing up the most common questions (and their answers) here.

If you have a question that isn't covered, please reach out to me at

I'm relatively senior and responsible for managing other people. Is this program for me? What expertise do you have coaching more senior people?

Yes! I have been a manager myself, of both people and projects and so I understand the struggles and the strengths that you bring to this role. As you increase in responsibility and the tasks you are responsible for become more complex many ADHDers find that previous coping mechanisms no longer work. This is a point where many of my clients come to me for support and so I am experienced in working with senior leaders.

I'm self-employed or an entrepreneur, is this program for me?

Yes. Being self-employed (as I am), it is essential to have good time managment, prioritization, and systems in place to reduce executive function overhead and increase accountability. This program will give you these skills. You may also benefit from one-to-one coaching to go into more depth and cover other topics as being self-employed with poorly managed ADHD is very expensive!

I'm studying or mixing study with work, is this program for me?

Yes. The demands of studying, including managing deadlines and juggling multiple strands of work are very similar to working and the techniques in this program will help you manage your study effectively without burning out. In addition, I offer one-to-one coaching on study skills for people with ADHD. Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss this.

I'm self-diagnosed ADHD. Is this program for me?

Yes! I believe that you are the expert on your own experience and understand that there are very real barriers to formal diagnosis. If you believe you have ADHD then you belong in the ADHD community and you belong in this program.

To me, the person and their needs matter more than any label. This program is designed to help people who struggle with the issues ADHDers face. If you struggle with prioritization, planning, and decision fatigue then this program will help you, regardless of diagnosis.

I am/am not medicated for ADHD. Is this program for me?

Yes! Studies have shown that coaching improves ADHD management and life outcomes either in combination with medication or on its own. The biggest benefits are found with a combination of medication and coaching, however, medication is a personal decision and not an option for everyone. Whatever your choice, I respect it. And whether or not you are medicated, the skills you learn in group coaching will help you have more success without burning out.

I'm unable to work due to ill health/caring responsibilities/job hunting etc, is this program for me?

It depends on your individual situation. I invite you to get in touch to discuss your needs further.

To take the next step and get all the info on ADHD Guide to Success, head to

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